About Us

Founding Vision

In 2004, the founders of our organization answered 'yes' to the idea of creating Common Ground to give everyone who is interested, the opportunity to make a difference in the world and grow in healthy ways ~ body, mind and spirit. Common Ground grew to become a permanent part of the lives of those who share the commitment to work toward making the world a better place and experiencing life's journey at its best.

How It Happened

For many years, Reverend Glenda and Reverend Judy were soul friends, co-workers and ministerial students within the Unity movement.  They completed training as Licensed Unity Teachers, and in 2004 were licensed as Interfaith Ministers by Dr. Marj Britt, Unity of Tustin, and Dr. Angelo Pizello, Emerson Theological Institute. 


By November of 2004, Glenda and Judy stepped away from the Unity movement without future plans.  


They answered the call of guidance when they began a small group book study in the living room at the home at Santa Clara in North Tustin.  The book they were studying was Marianne Williamson's, The Gift of Change.  From there things began to unfold in a natural way.  More and more people were seeking spiritual community. The construction that was already in process at Santa Clara was shifted from building a lanai to building a Sanctuary large enough to hold 30 to 40 people.


Common Ground was born in an organic way.


People came.  Glenda and Judy began the journey of supporting spiritual community and by 2005 the Sanctuary space at Santa Clara was outgrown.  A location on First Street in Tustin became available.  Common Ground moved there in November 2005, just one year after its beginning.


Common Ground First Street was immediately outgrown so a second service was added to accomodate everyone.  When the First Street lease ended in 2008 the spiritual community moved to a space on Newport Avenue in Tustin.  That space was four times as large as First Street and served the needs of the spiritual community for the duration of the lease.


In July 2013, when the Newport Avenue lease ended, the spiritual community moved to its next perfect home on Golden Circle Drive in Santa Ana. The community continues to thrive and prosper at this location.  Golden Circle Drive currently houses administrative offices, classes, workshops, one-on-one sessions, and a variety of spiritual growth opportunities. 


In November 2014, spirit guided The Revs to the perfect location several miles away from the Golden Circle Drive location.  By January 2015, after a complete renovation of the interior of the building, the spiritual community relocated Sunday gatherings to the new ocation, a stand-alone building on the campus of Church of the Foothills, a progressive Christian church.  The addition of a second Santa Ana location created increased opportunity for expansion of the vision and mission of Common Ground.


In November 2016, The Revs chose to close The Golden Circle location and focus on growth and development of  Common Ground on Dodge Avenue.  Classes and workshops previously offered at the Golden Circle location moved there.  Bringing all resources under one roof brought financial stability and positive energy for the spiritual community.