About Us

Board of Directors

Founder, Inspirational Leader, President

Reverend Glenda Knox

Email: glenda@embracehumanity.com

Founder, Inspirational Leader, Vice-President

Reverend Judy DePrete

E-mail: judy@embracehumanity.com


Dyane DeKramer


Reverend Stacie Buda

Email: stacie@embracehumanity.com

Board Member

Reverend Danell Wheeler, Inspirational Leader and Founder of Common Ground Corona

Common Ground Corporate Structure

Common Ground functions as an organized whole; a system in which various parts fit together and reinforce each other. 


The focal point of this system is a group of gifted persons; each with a unique gift package of interests, motivations, experiences, dreams, needs, talents, strengths and weaknesses, and much more. 


What happens to us as we come together to grow in body/mind/spirit is as important as what we accomplish. Common Ground offers an opportunity to facilitate one another’s becoming as we grow and experience life's journey at its best.