Our People

Staff Minister

Reverend Stacie Buda:  Interfaith Minister, InReach Ministry, Coordinator, Reiki Master, Lesbian Wisdom Circle Facilitator

Our Teaching Team

Dr. James Rietveld: Sacred History

James Rietveld is a professor of Religion, Archaeology, and Antiquities from Claremont Graduate University’s School of Religion (PhD 2006). His specialties include the History of Christianity in the Early, Medieval, and Byzantine periods and Greco-Roman religions. Also at Claremont, Rietveld minored in Islam and Hinduism. Rietveld received both his Bachelor of Arts and his Masters of Arts in History at California State University Fullerton in 1991 and 1998 respectively and a classical education in Greek and Latin from University of California Irvine from 1999-2001. Rietveld is currently teaching at California State University Long Beach. He has a passion for studies revolving around Asia Minor and his forthcoming book will focus on Artemis of the Ephesians

Our Facilities Team

Debby Riddick

Sharon Bulla

Our Special Projects Team

Dyane DeKramer: Procedures and Operations, Special Events, Boutique Management Team, Wedding Program Team

Alys Sullivan: (left) Quality Control, Boutique Management Team

David St. Clare: (right) Technology

InReach Support Team

Mike Kandel with Stacie Buda

Nancy Berg

Ruth Ann Miller

Pearl White

Teri Fitzsimons

Dianne Maresh (left) shown with Debby Riddick (right)

Our Team Leaders

Chuck Doty: Recycling

Tom Blanchard: Community Directory

Mike Kandel: Cold Weather Shelter Armory Outreach, InReach Team