Our Founders

Reverend Judy DePrete and Reverend Glenda Knox co-founded Common Ground in November 2004 after many years of friendship and deep soul connection.

Together they carry a wealth of experience and strength. Both have solid backgrounds and credentials with The Association of Unity Churches. Each of them holds a Religious Studies Degree from Emerson Theological Institute and each is a licensed and ordained minister.

As visionaries and inspirational leaders, they are fully capable of functioning singly; yet, choose to function as a finely tuned team, allowing them to express unique and individual styles within the framework of an integrated and balanced whole.

They are resourceful and willing to experiment with the novel. They are practical yet open to complex solutions, including advanced technology and innovative approaches.

They are open, authentic, transparent and emotionally above-board. They put themselves on the line and take full responsibility for the forward movement of Common Ground.

They easily shift into awe, reverence and humility. When in their presence there is a sense of wonder and playful delight with all of life. It is clear they are having fun and at the same time they demonstrate a depth of spiritual awareness that comes from an inner-directed core.