Our Commitment to a Sustainable Planet

In alignment with the Values of Alliance for a New Humanity, "We believe that everyone and everything on earth is interconnected and that our well being is linked to the well being of others."


We are commited to do our part toward building a just, peaceful, sustainable planet.



Four Areas of Importance

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Hunger and Poverty
  • Human Rights
  • Peace

Doing Our Part

Common Ground is committed to the idea of conscious environmental responsibility as a way to support a sustainable planet for future generations. 


Creative use of materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.


Here at Common Ground we:

  • Recycle plastic and aluminum collected by our community
  • Use Energy Star appliances
  • Monitor use of energy systems and electricity
  • Repurpose and reuse furniture, artwork and other items to furnish our spaces
  • Use digital technology to distribute newsletters, updated information, and communications
  • Honor the Earth and the Oneness of all life
  • Recommend locally grown produce available from Certified Farmers Markets