Weekly Inspiration Experience

Who We Are and What We Do ~ We Are Spiritual, Not Religious

  • We embrace humanity ~ our own and that of others
  • We are spiritual, not religious ~ beyond the box of dogma
  • We embrace the wisdom teachings of a variety of spiritual traditions
  • We honor all spiritual paths that have a foundation in love and kindness
  • We are a teaching-learning center where we come together to grow one an
    other by sharing what we know
  • We support efforts toward creating a sustainable planet 
  • We serve and empower the disadvantage
  • We come together to learn practices to support us in our human journey
  • We grow in spiritual awareness ~ body, mind and soul

What You Can Expect at our Weekly Inspiration Experience

  • Contemporary new thought perspective
  • Timeless wisdom
  • Thoughtful and inspirational messages
  • Guided meditation
  • Heartfelt music