Welcome to Common Ground 

Spirituality Without Borders for Spiritually Independent People

The first and foremost goal of Common Ground is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to provide an open, inclusive and welcoming place where people can come to grow in healthy ways and experience life's journey at its best.


Have you been searching for an expansive, innovative and contemporary place to nurture your body, mind and spirit?  If so, you've found an answer right here at Common Ground.

Join Us for Sunday Gatherings ~ Weekly ~ 11:00 am  to 12:00 Noon

Common Ground is pleased to invite you to weekly Sunday gatherings.


We are conveniently situated off Newport Boulevard near Foothill High School at 19211 Dodge Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705.


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Women's Wisdom Circle

A Course in Miracles

Reiki Healing Circle

Orange County Spiritualist Gathering

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For the past 15 years Common Ground has been serving the spiritual needs of a diverse and inclusive community. We do not promote dogma of any particular religious tradition and at the same time we do draw upon a variety of wisdom and faith traditions as well as perennial philosophy.
From inception, we have occupied a total of five different locations, each reflecting the needs of a thriving and prospering spiritual community.
Now, in keeping with changing times and current trends, Common Ground is responding to the fact that a growing number of Americans refer to themselves as 'spiritual but not religious', including many, if not most, of those who are associated with Common Ground.
This trend comes with challenges that Common Ground and many churches and religious organizations are currently facing. In general, 'spiritual but not religious' people are not drawn to regularly attend organized 'church' services.
In the interest of good stewardship, after November 17, 2019, Common Ground will no longer have a designated physical location. The current Chapel doors will be closed.
After November 17th and through the end of 2019, spiritual community will be invited to continue to gather on Sundays for fellowship over brunch at local restaurants. This will be a time of sharing ideas and maintaining relationships. Be on the lookout for notices about locations and times.
In the coming months, stay tuned for details. See how Common Ground will look in 2020; new ideas, new opportunities, new possibilities; same vision and same mission.
The Revs are open to guidance as they prepare to answer the question: What does the world need now and how can Common Ground be a relevant participant?
Please plan to join us every Sunday until November 17th. We need your support and your participation. Be part of the change for what comes next.


Safe Place ~ No Room for Hate

At Common Ground we are in solidarity with refugees and immigrants; we care and will do all we can to combat xenophobia, racism, sexism, bigotry, islamophobia, hate and fear mongering.


We stand in solidarity with anyone who might be afraid.


Our Commitment 

Something New


For your enhanced listening experience we are now changing from audio/visual presentation of weekly inspirational messages to AUDIO only  


Previous YouTube Videos are still available


We have also added short relaxing Meditations 


Please check out our new format