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The first and foremost goal of Common Ground is to make a difference in as many people's lives as possible. We strive to provide open and inclusive spirituality for people to grow in healthy ways and experience life's journey at its best.


Have you been searching for an expansive, innovative and contemporary way to nurture your body, mind and spirit?  If so,  Common Ground may be an answer.  Give us a try.


We are Spiritual, not Religious







Blessing for the Fullness of This Day

Let us bless this day in the fullness of good it already contains, in the many occasions it offers to listen deeply, to be of service to others, to express gratitude moment by moment and to keep our minds so filled with love, beauty and joy that no negativity can find even the tiniest crack in which to set foot.


Let us bless this day in the infinite opportunities it gives us to love: to love and bless every human we meet, every beast or bird we pass by, every plant we behold, for all are but the manifold expressions of the infinite Life that undergirds all.


Truly, let us bless this day for the wonderful adventure it can become as we walk through it with the eyes of wonder rather than boredom, use every opportunity to express peace rather than irritation, and chose love over fear.


Let us thank Life for this day. 


Adapted blessing by Pierre Pradervand



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We are still here riding out the Pandemic just like most of the people on our planet.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress toward gathering together again.  We don't know when, where or how, yet.  Be prayerful.  Take care of yourselves and one another during this difficult time.


All Common Ground events and activities are on hold during this time of social distancing.   


Please support efforts to help heal our nation and the world through this Coronavirus Pandemic









May I live this day
Compassionate of heart,
Clear in word,
Gracious in awareness,
Courageous in thought,
Generous in love.

– John O’Donohue